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Jelle Schaegen Bodywork
Advanced Myofascial Release

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Mijas Costa, Fuengirola, Spain

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Specialists in Neck, Back and Extremity Conditions

Advanced Myofascial, Psoas, Piriformis and Pelvic Release
Energetic Bodywork, Holistic Massage and Counseling

Welcome to the website of Jelle Schaegen and Pascalle Sweerts. We have more than twenty five years of elaborate experience in working with neck, back, shoulder and hip related problems. We can make use of several Bodywork and Massage Techniques to help you with your complaints. On this website we will give you an idea about how we work and explain the terms we use.

Just to make things more easy we have chosen to refer to very good articles written by professional bodyworkers. But that does not mean that we ourselves have little to tell or to teach. On the contrary, we will be happy to share valuable information with you when you visit us.

If you would like to expand your understanding about the terms we use, may we suggest to you that you visit Wikipedia? There is a huge amount of relevant information available on this subject.

What Is Bodywork?

Bodywork is the term that is used to describe many different techniques that are used to provide healing and relaxation through physical manipulation. This manipulation of the body can be achieved in many ways depending on what type of therapy is being used. Some forms of bodywork involve manipulation of posture, exercise, energy rebalancing, and more.

The term applies to many different types of therapies and treatments, including the following and more: Chiropractic, Rolfing, Postural Integration, Rebalancing, Craniosacral Therapy, Bioenergetics, Neo-Reichian Therapy, Alexander technique, Reiki, Myotherapy, Massage.

What Does Bodywork Consist Of?

There are three categories of techniques that are used in bodywork. While some forms of bodywork will utilize more than one of these, to be considered bodywork, it must consist of at least one: Massage, Energy Balancing, Movement Awareness and Structural Realignment.

Most bodywork techniques are based on a holistic view of health and believe that it is just as important to treat the mind as it is the body.

There is also a necessity to provide relevant information about the literal or experiential meaning of what physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well being is.

Who Can Benefit From Bodywork Therapy?

Many people from all walks of life, both young and old, can benefit from bodywork therapy. The most important thing is to inform your bodywork practitioner of any medical conditions you may have, as well as to ask your physician if there is any reason you shouldn’t receive a specific bodywork therapy treatment.

Bodywork therapy can help in many ways, physically, emotionally and mentally. Research the many different forms of bodywork to determine which one is best for you.


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Schaegen & Sweerts Advanced Bodywork
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“After decades of various bodywork experiences, from Ayurveda, to Rolfing, to Zen massage, this is the first time I am getting a new body! Young again, supple, flexible... and my Tai Chi practice is the first to get the advantages out of it. I would say that my full body from head to toes and beyond is very happy after the three sessions with you (only three! I still cannot believe it).

In Marbella we got rid of the old pain in my shoulder and I started to understand the source of the headaches. After that you took care of the hips, legs, neck and spine, everything in my body felt free, supple, just perfect... and my head emptied from any sense of pressure, so thoughts and ideas flow naturally. My emotional state is simply positive and strong. My senses are awake and enjoyable.

All this coming from THE good bodywork? I knew it was possible, I knew in theory that everything starts from the body and can be healed through it, but this is the first time I can truly experience it, and without the need to undergo any emotional distress or mind trip for years. Such a work is priceless; hope soon more people will understand how important it is to get your good body back, to be able to love, to have a happy life. Thank you.” Cosimo Mendis, August 2010, Italy


“Jelle's and Pascalle's bodywork releases a lifetime of tension and blockage. In my experience over several years, each and every time they tune in respectfully to your needs and take it from there. Apart from deep and lasting physical relaxation and opening, they can look and work at deeper levels to bring insight and a fresh perspective. Highly recommended!” K.J. Donkers, May 2008, Marken The Netherlands


“In my experience there are few people who know how to work a body like Jelle. I have been rolfed and had many different methods of massages in many different countries. The work Jelle does is unique in that it combines many techniques from different methods of bodywork and in addition there is his special defining touch.

After a session with Jelle there is an inner restructuring taking place which reinforces the work done. This is definitely not the smooth and relaxing massage for the squeamish types. Yet if you follow the instructions and breath through the ‘tough’ spots the relieve is well worth your endurance.” Mrs. P.Z. June 2010, Amsterdam The Netherlands


“A massage of Pascalle Sweerts will work throughout your body and your mind. She is dedicated, trustworthy and will make your energy flow again. Afterwards you will have answers to questions and life seems more obvious. As if you have filled up your tank for the way you have to go. In Paris I have been looking for a similar kind of massage, but never found one. The subtle but powerful work of Pascalle is just hard to equal.” Mrs. D., Feb. 2008, France


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